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In the business world letterheads printing is probably the most important communication tool. Letterheads printing provides the primary medium through which businesses actually conduct business. Letterheads are involved in virtually every level of business functions including human resources, legal, financial, administrative, contracts, operations and so on. Letterheads bear the official imprint of a business and represent the business in the course of various transactions. The appearance of letterheads is very important, as it conveys a vital first impression of a business; neat, articulate letterheads portray a business as having pedigree, credibility and experience, while ill-designed and unattractive letterheads printing gives the impression of an unprofessional or dubious establishment. The importance of letterheads printing explains why businesses go to great lengths to ensure the quality and uniqueness of their letterheads by investing in high quality materials and professional designs for their letterheads printing.

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